Should I Park My Domains or Develop Something

In this article I'm going to explain the most benefic way to choose and many more related aspects. The other day I told you how to make money parking domains.

But the question is: Could I make more money if I  invest time and couple of bucks to develop something that can be reached to those domains I have? Before I'm going to answer this question I'm going to describe how things works if you park your domains and how things work if you develop something on them.

Parking Domains

Basically you will need to make a partnership with a domain parking company, this company will allow you to choose how ads will be shown to your natural visitors, after you set this your job is done, you cannot promote any links, you cannot make SEO for parked domains, some kids, I cannot name those people other way, they use methods to increase traffic, however they get caught when they are close to cashout. This is the only thing  I don't like when I see people on forums that ask for fast ways to make money online, they receive some ways, they look somehow attractive, as expected they invest some money, and a lot of time, money are gathering in their accounts and when they try to withdraw they discover they cannot receive money because they cheated. 

Did you forgot when you accepted the parking company terms of services?

But when you set your domain there's nothing else you can do about it, I mean it, all you can do is to pray that some natural traffic will come, by the way the expected traffic is called type-in traffic. Let's talk about how much you can earn from parking domains. You can earn pretty well if you have a handful of domains with a minimum of 10-20 visitors daily, also the niche take a very important roll, in fact ads are shown different to every visitor and this depends on visitor interests, some keyword existent in domain name helps a lot to show relevant ads wich gives a high Cost per Click. If you get 10 clicks and you get $0.5 per click that you will earn from one domain $5/day. If you have 10 domains you will earn $50 / day and so on. The most important is to think outside the box if you decide to park your domains.

Develop Something

When you start thinking to develop something you wonder how to create a website. Is very easy to develop a website, no tech skill required, I really mean it, when I first started I had ZERO experience my friend, and now I handle any issues, always search on Google if you don't know a specific term, making the right decisions at the right time, never hurry when you want to start an online business. I once tried to make money online fast and I failed. I really did, I'm not ashamed to say it, I say it because I want other to STOP anything and think twice or many times before they begin a business. After you decide what type of website you want to create you must chose the right platform. I recommend Wordpress, very used, very customizable, FREE, yep this platform is free, no credit card, no need to spend you money for buying platforms.

The thing, the most important thing you must remember this one always, when you have your own website, you can monetize it how you wan, you can use Adsense, you can use Affiliate Programs which pays up to 75% for every sale generated by you. Example: A sale of 100 bucks will bring you 75 bucks, in seconds, BOOM!!! You can use Amazon affiliate products and earn up to 15% advertising fees, personally I don't really like this program because they give such a small commission to affiliates, they are so known and they treat us pretty bad, we deserve a bigger commission because we generate that sale right? So why not forget about this program and move on, those paying big deserve to make a partnership only.

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