How to Create a Website that Generate Money Online

This guide is dedicated for those who have no experience whatsoever into creating websites that can generate lifetime income.

Maybe you're a little bit confused when you think "how to create a website". Don't be! I mean it! The basic knowledge you find here. Make yourself comfortable and start read.

To create your very own website and earn money by monetizing it when you have some traffic is very easy. The website you want is called "blog", the thing you didn't knew is that blogs are powered by WordPress. This application is installed easy after you buy your domain and web hosting.

What is a domain name?

This is an Internet address which is going to represent you a lifetime pal, everything you publish on your website is going to be available on that address. Pay attention when you choose it, be sure it represent you and nothing else.

What is Web Hosting?

This is the company which is going to host your website pages, they also give you free scripts, email addresses and much more. I recommend to anyone out there is called Go Daddy. Great services and very reasonable prices. Check it out!

Once you get your Domain and Web Hosting you can install Word press with one click, after that you can choose a good looking theme, there are plenty of them, after that you must choose the niche(you must choose the topic to write about). Gather 20-30 articles and monetize your site to start earning money

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