How to Make Over $3,000/mo* Working from Home

Let's face it! The $3,000 per mo* breaks down to $100 daily goal! My dream to make over $3,000/mo*   real only with affiliate marketing.

This step by step plan is going to earn you the amount of wanted dollars after few months of hard work on a daily basis. Without daily basis work your are going to earn a bunch of nothing my friend. No joke!

Earning pasive income is not a dream, is more like a system build from couple of websites (how to create a website) with multiple methods of earnings like Adsense, Affiliate Commissions, Your Own Products and many more.

Firs of all you must find the niche which suits your knowledge or somehow feel atracted to you and to many other. Finding a niche is a lot easier with the help of Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This tool shows the number of monthly searches for a keyword or a group of keywords, example of keyword: money, forex, clickbank, neobux, and so on.
After you find your niche you are going to search some affiliate products direct related to it in order to have a high conversion. Traffic + Niche Products = BIG Commissions. Let's make some maths:

Thinking that you'll be choosing a popular product from market of categories like E-Business & E-Marketing: Initial $/sale= $25.33 choose to promote Google Sniper. Achieving just 4 sales per day you are going to earn a litlle more than $3,000 every single month. 

To generate a sale you need to receive traffic to your website. Without website you are going to earn 0 commissions. After you make your website and traffic comes from search engines with a stable number of visitors, let's say 500 visitors a day, from these 500 only 4 will going to make you a sale, this will earn you the minimum of $100 per day and more than $3,000 per month. The Internet is full of scams about how to make passive incomes online. Good luck!

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