How to Make + $2,500 per Month with ClickBank

  •  Did you ever heard of people making a lot of Money with ClickBank? 

Well, I guess you did!

  •  But do you know how those people are making a killing every month? 

Well, I guess not!

Today I'm going to share with you one of the most profitable online home based business used by so many people which is called affiliate marketing. As an affiliate marketer you are going to have a journey full of surprises, most surprises are about money you'll be earning over night. I mean it, some days you may earn $500 some days you may earn $0. However what you gather at the end of the month is looking pretty good.

Before we go any further you must know that affiliate marketing is all about promoting digital products, this could be ebooks or even services like web hosting from which you're going to earn some cool commissions up to 75% from sales if we talk about ClickBank products.

Jeremy Shoemoney  made almost $1 million last year for being and working as an affiliate marketer.

I've been working online for over 3 years and some people think affiliate marketing is a game, believe they wrong, affiliate marketing is not a game. Affiliate marketing is a real business built on repeat customers  by smart affiliate marketers.

Presenting the fast way to earn not that BIG:

  1. Select the ClickBank product
  2. Send traffic to landing page with AdWords
  3. Watch the Commissions growing in your account
This model is called hit and run marketing, this model is working 100% to experienced affiliate marketers because they know demands of market, they analysed so good this market and they can't fail, newbies can't have that much stability on the market because they don't know markets demands. The problems with this model is that you have to buy online traffic to keep earning commissions.

Presenting the smart way to earn BIG:
  1. Choose some good ClickBank products on the desired niche
  2. Create a FREE guide about that niche to give it away in the future
  3. Create a web page to offer the FREE guide and capture emails with AWeber
  4. Send traffic to web page and continue capture leads 
  5. Send auto responders with AWeber to leads/emails with other ClickBank products
  6. Count the money every single day.
Do you remember few lines above I said affiliate marketing is not a game and affiliate marketing is built on repeat customers? Sure you do! So if one person bought a ClickBank product is a good chance they will buy another one if they find it a bit interesting. That's the secret of todays affiliate marketers.
Is easier to market a product to a repeat customer than to a new customer.

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