Things to Know Before Starting to Make Money Online

A small generalization for you I have prepared in the following lines. I would like to explain how I  "make money online" and considering the interests mentioned, talking in general about how you can make money on the Internet is very easy for one who has some experience, but to put into practice is very very difficult for a beginner, if it was easy everyone would be making money online.

There are dozens of ways to make money online, you have to try as many of these methods until you reach the one that you like and that will bring enough money per month with minimal effort, in my case I tried many ways and I did not make some money but I got that experience, acquiring this experience I can today decide what is best that can bring me success on the net.

I'm not any expert, if I make thousands of dollars a day I could be, and I would have an Internet marketing course on sale, I could not tell you "gotta do that, that and that to reach 300-400 Euros  per month ", when in fact there's hundreds of factors that influence success on the net. A small example: there are over 200 factors to rank a site in the largest search engine "Google" one more important if you have not considered and chances are you do not ever rank the site and therefore you do not money from it.

There are dozens of terms that if I start to mention you will not understand anything to develop a little more this generalization. There are over 3 years since I started to work on Internet, as I said in the first year I did not made anything but work and work, I tried and tried and tried all methods and methods, reading nights in a row dozens of tutorials on how to make money on the Internet, I watched the hottest webmaster forums and blogs about Internet marketing and I learned something from all, and I accumulate some experience, I can now with this experience risk and invest my own money and my time in new projects, and I even 4-5 projects this year that if they will come as I think , I may retire in a few years literally. If I will not than I lose money and time invested, I will leave money online scene? Never, the Internet is not only successful, but rather failure and success is rarely learn from mistakes on the net.

And the first thing when you begin making money on the Internet, do not tell anyone if you tell they will laugh in your face, They say it's hype,  you can not make money on Internet, They will actually say that you play on the computer and you don't make money from home, you can not imagine what my neighbors were thinking, mom and dad did not believe until I got my very first 100 euro, Everyone thought I stay and arse about at home, excuse the expression, but this is truth, Is better to tell people after that.

If I could stick in your head what I learned in 3 years just talking one day, or some good days I would do this with anyone else with the greatest pleasure, but I can not do this, too much information to digest, as I said have read dozens of tutorials, tests and take the job seriously otherwise end up like many who say they can not make money online, it hype etc.

A copy of this article was sent to my teacher :) Waiting for replies and comments. Thanks!

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