[SCAM] OneInstaller.com Review - Best Pay Per Install Program

This is a SCAM ppi network as of now according to a comment below, Do not Join!

What is OneInstaller?

OneInstaller is a pay per install program, also known as PPI, that means you get paid when someone download and install one or multiple  apps/offers they show during download process. Because of their downloader manager now you can monetize your downloads by simply offering relevant apps/offers to your visitors.

OneInstaller Review

Just in case you have recurrent visitors and an app/offer is already installed in their computer, OneInstaller offer an alternative offer/app and due to this fact your revenue increases. OneInstaller offer a simple and quick integration. You can wrap any installer with their downloader manager with a simple code. That's it and money start gathering in your account.
I think you're going to make +$3,000 per month working from home because OneInstaller pays you for every valid install, and this can range from few cents to $2 for valid installs generated by US visitors, also $1 for UK valid installs. And because we talk about money, you must know that OneInstaller pays you when you reached $200 in your account via PayPal or even Wire Transfer. May look a little bit high this threshold but money gather pretty fast and $200 is not that hard to make with some traffic in a month or so.

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The most I like at OneInstaller is the top notch support. I mean it, I think these guys never sleep and monitor their network 24/7, because when I had a concern regarding the integration of their code I received a response in a matter of few minutes. I'd like to recommend this network because is paying pretty good and can convert your downloads in money in no time with a simple code integration, no malware, no spyware whatsoever.

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  1. scam compagny. They didnt pay me and no answer from thrm. My managers mail dont work as i am getting a postmater delivery failure