Guide for Starting Your Own Blogging Business

If you reached this page is a big chance that you wanna start your own blog, however you need some advice, that's why you're doing some research about how to become a successful blogger like John Chow  earning $40k per month.

There's no secret, become a blogger to make a living out of it is very possible, to be frank many start their blog and few succeed.

I'm going to tell you more why people don't make enough money from their blog in the next lines guys so you sit comfortable, grab a coup of coffee or tea and start reading because reading is the key to success my friend.

May sound hard to make a website and you think to hire some guy to make it for you, big mistake to do that, believe me is not that hard to make a blog, in fact to create a blog it takes around 10 minutes, in case you don't know nothing about computers may take 30 minutes.

What You're Going to Blog About?

This is the first step, this is the right way to become a successful blogger, you must choose the topic you're going to write about, must be something you love, when I started my first blog I choose "smart phones", I was very interested to learn more and already knew I will find almost anything to write about on a daily basis. To succeed you need to write on a daily basis or almost this often. Why this often? Due to competition, many people try to conquer Google's first page.

In case you start a blog in something you don't have attraction you will get bored in few weeks or even days, that's why you need to start write about something you like, maybe you like cars, maybe you like to write about your traveling events or maybe you like to talk about yourself, just like that. The most important topics are entertainment, health and fashion, lately fashion become pretty eye catchy. But is your blog after all and you decide what to write about.

Acquire Personal Domain or Not?

This is important, pay close attention my friend, when you want to be serious and want to make real money online you have to buy a domain name, only those who blog for short periods and if you are on a budget you may choose free blogging platforms like Such people are interested in short term of blogging, well pretty much sure they will earn almost nothing. If you want to succeed and become a professional blogger, to share real knowledge you need a domain name and web hosting too. This web hosting company will keep your website 24/7 online and make it available to anyone in the world with Internet connection. Web hosting is cheap, price start from $5/month at Godaddy.

Choose a Domain Name and Web hosting

In case you made the right decision and you like to become a professional blogger than I'd like to recommend you one of the biggest company offering services you're looking since '99. Before I tell you company is I must advice you to pay close attention when you register a domain name, domain name must be unique, must be easy to remember and something that represent you in a way or other.

The company I'm talking is Godaddy, and they offer 1-Click-Blog-Installation.  I have as well a server and couple domains at this company, they have a pretty good support in case of issues, they offer top notch price as well. Really recommend to anyone out there in the way of creating a blog, hosting for a blog and developing a blog. Also keep in mind that finding a good domain may take a while, you will notice many domains are already registered, nothing to worry, your domain still waiting for you so keep trying until you find it. Do not register long domain names, make it as short as possible, easy to remember as I said above, is going to cost you same price, long short doesn't matter this aspect.

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