John Chow made Over $44,000 from 1 to 31 August

Guys this may sound like a joke but believe me is not!

John Chow the man who makes a lot of money working online today announced his August income of $44,000 just from one affiliate product promoted which looks freaking good. He promoted one product from which he is earning around $20 per sale. He made over 2000 sales on the month of August and his month income explode up to $44,000. If we make some maths we can see that he made around $1,500 every single day. Is not a dream when you have some good traffic. In fact you need targeted traffic to make this much in a single month let's face it. There's no secret when you work online, all you have to do is to learn how to do simple stuffs. Traffic is the key! $ + $$ = $$$

I was thinking the other days how to make $3,000 per month working online, as you can see is not a BIG DEAL. The most important thing is to work hard and in the same time work smart. Who can stop you is the lack of knowledge. First of all you need to create your website, than you need to monetize to earn money online. Don't start thinking is hard to make a website, don't think is even harder to post one article on every single day after that because is not. It's more like a daily rutine, once you begin and you see some small results nobody can stop you.

Affiliate marketers are leveraging an increasing number of  top software and tools to achieve their online goals. You can do the same, I can do it as well and I'm doing it, I'm at some level of marketing knowledge, trends are going to take a bunch of time from searching and reading news. You rely on content, direct advertising or a mix of both to get your share, retargeting is the best way to maximize your gains. Almost forgot but never you should let Adsense pass next you and do try it as it's a Goolge's company. A world of trust made by Google, they share revenues from advertising with people like you, websites owners.

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  1. Targeted traffic is what I want to learn more.. I know John Chow as Blogging Guru.. he made a lot of money and I want someday to experience what he had.