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Today I decided to inform you that has a wonderful affiliate program paying high commissions, no joke on this one. Just take a look guys, you won't regret promoting this one!

Landing Pages and Languages:

You may see them on the Links & Landing Pages page by selecting a Category from the drop-down menu.

The HTML that is generated lets you track everything including impressions, as long as it is implemented in the HTML of your webpage. If you only require the link, you may take the link from within the first two brackets ("…") of the HTML code that looks like:


Click on Banners.
Enter the Serial ID of your choice.
Choose from the Category drop-down menu the type of banner you require.
Copy the HTML and implement it on your site.


To get a detailed report of your performance, click on Custom Reports.
Choose the report that starts with * Detailed ___ Report.
Choose the date range and tick or un-tick the elements you would like to include in the report.
Tip: To see aggregated data, un-tick the Date box and un-tick most of the elements that are not crucial for your analysis.

FTD = First Time Depositor
Transactions = The number of positions made by the trader/s.
Gross Revenues = Revenues generated by eToro.
Bonus = Bonuses awarded to traders.
Net Revenue = Gross Revenue minus Bonus.
Revenue Commissions = The percentage of revenues out of the Net Revenues that is your commission.


Amount - The minimum amount for a transfer by PayPal is $100. For a transfer by wire transfer the minimum amount is $500.
Time - Your affiliate earnings are transferred by your preferred means of payment at the beginning of each month.
Fees - There are no fees. For wire transfers payments the affiliate's banks may charge the affiliate for incoming wire transfers. eToro will cover all bank fees for wire withdrawal exceeding $5000.

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