What is Web Hosting ?

If this is the first time you are dealing with the world 's web hosting is OK to have a few questions about this industry . This article will help you, answer the most common questions that beginners and put them in the industry .

What is web hosting ?

First of all , please allow me to explain what 's really web hosting : Web hosting is a service that offers individuals and companies a chance to have a website visible on the Internet (world wide web ) . In fact , when you use a web hosting service , rent a small space on the Internet .

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With a web hosting service , your website is hosted on a powerful server that normally is part of a data center . This makes your website visible to always be online and by any person anywhere in the world.

What is a server ?

For many of us these servers seem intangible , because if you do not work in the web hosting industry community where not much to see. Servers are powerful computers specially designed to give continuous operation . Most of these servers are installed in specially designed data centers , data centers that are equipped with air conditioning , electric generators and multiple connections to the Internet network to ensure maximum redundancy . The most common are game servers , web servers , FTP servers and proxy servers .

What offers a hosting provider ?

Besides giving you a little space on a server, a hosting provider offers up time, making your site always be online . You've probably seen many times the term "server down" when you try to access a certain website. Although this term makes many webmasters to say "I do not want hosting here" , often the "server down" occurs due to maintenance operations that are from time to time on these servers .

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Maintaining a server is the most important part of web hosting , followed later by security measures for customers .

What type of hosting are ?

When you want to choose a package according to your business needs is quite difficult unless you have a sufficient background in this area. Below I will illustrate the most common web hosting service on the market:

Shared Hosting 

Shared hosting packages are the cheapest existing packages as storage space and server resources are shared by many webmasters.

Shared hosting advantages :
- Very low price
- Easy to use
- Permanent hosting companies offer discounts for these packages
- All management operations are provided by the hosting company
- Provides software installation platforms blogs or websites online with one click

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Shared hosting disadvantages :
- Other websites on the server can consume more resources leading to a malfunction of all sites on that server
- Security accounts may be compromised due to the large number of accounts
- It is impossible to install other software on the server

Virtual servers 

When you buy such service is that when you have your own web hosting server , but smaller one built on a dedicated server on which several VPS .

Advantages of a virtual server :
- Receive full root access
- You can increase or decrease at any server resources
- The hosting provider takes care of the proper functioning of the node is VPS

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Disadvantages of a virtual server :
- Multiple virtual servers can become costly
- Are responsible for the software installed on the server and updates needed

Dedicated hosting 

When you choose a dedicated hosting package or dedicated server , you get access to an entire node, in other words an entire server that you can use it exactly as you want, without sharing resources with other webmasters.

The advantages of this type of hosting:
- Multiple configuration options
- High Performance
- Is much easier to identify problems that occur on the server
- The hardware is managed by provider

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Disadvantages of this type of hosting:
- A high price for many of us
- Require advanced technical knowledge
- Operating system and installed software is your responsibility

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