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I've been hit by such email, because I was smart enough to do the best and proper keyword research I couldn't get scam by so called David Gozman.

Here is how this guys (scam buyers) act to get your dollars out of pocket in their own pocket. Thinking you have a nice domain, they contact you saying they love that domain name and they want it very bad, but they want to know if your asked price is how much domain worth. This means they want a simple appraisal and they are ready to go. Ready my ass. As you can guess you are buying an approved appraisal, it seems legitimate, since the only one making money is the third-party domain appraiser…unless it’s NOT a third party. It’s the pretty old scam, but people still get caught. Pay close attention guys when you encounter this kind of so called domain buyers. In my case I was pretty smart.

Read below the real conversation and pay attention:
- Hello!
I'm interested in buying
I've found it through Sedo.
Please respond with how much you are looking for it. Just specify this price in the subject line.
If you have other names for sale please email me your list with prices.
David Gozman, Ph.D.
ASP Net Web Hosting

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email communication may contain private, confidential, or legally privileged information intended for the sole use of the designated and/or duly authorized recipient(s). If you are not the intended recipient or have received this email in error, please notify the sender immediately by email and permanently delete all copies of this email including all attachments without reading them.
 - Hello David,

Price is listed on Sedo's listings, if you are not confortable with it you can make me a proposal.

 If I like it the domain will be yours. I wait your offer.

Best regards,
I. C. Daniel
- Ok. How can I pay you (PayPal, Western Union, etc.)? If this is your first time domain sale I may help you with the sale/transfer process.
Are you a member of domain seller communities/forums? Probably, we know each other under some nicknames?
Best regards,David GozmanCEO
- Proceed with Sedo's if you interested in acquiring the domain,  you will receive a contract, than you must place the funds in Sedo's Escrow account, than domain is transfered to you according Sedo's contract to avoid any problems, than Sedo's takes their fees and finally send me the money.

Best regards,
I. C. Daniel
- Ok. Before we go further we need the following:
Please send me an official valuation (certificate of price).
Please don't worry, it will take only 2 minutes to order it. I prefer appraisal service that also verifies possible trademark infringements. It's important for me to know that your domain has no problems with trademarks. It won't be a problem for you since some good appraisers offer this option (trademark infringement verification) as a free bonus to the appraisal service.
Without it we cannot be 100% sure in the final sale price. The appraisal will help determine the true value of your domain's worth so you can maximize profits during the sale. On the other hand, it will minimize my risks too.
To avoid mistakes and wasting money on useless automated services I asked in the forum about reliable manual valuation/TM verification services. Please read this:
The process is very easy:
1. Go to the appraisal site and order the valuation with the TM verification. After several hours you will get the results.
2. Please resend these results via email and we'll proceed with the deal.
Best regards,David GozmanCEO
- You need the valuation not we. You may consult any services if you are not aware what you're doing.

Best regards,
I. C. Daniel

AntiScam Guide

  • Get rid of Idea of Appraisals - When you want a domain, you know what it’s worth if you intend buying it. As a buyer the last thing you want is an appraisal making the domain appear more valuable – and costing you even more! So question yourself from the begining why an appraisal is a must and after that ignore those reasons.
  • Always be Suspicious by the Offered Price - In my case, they agree with $2,100 I was asking right away. Buyers are looking to pay the least and sellers are looking to get the most. Let's face it! Do not even think to pay attention even if price offered is looking damn good because is too good to be true.
  • Avoid their  Recommendations - as you can see they ask domain appraisal, since those are machine generated is just a waste of time. If you want to have fun just email back and ask if GoDaddy or Sedo appraisals are fine. But you'll get an answer looking like this: : "The best domain appraisal is from the service mentioned by us, please get one and reply back to proceed with transfer as soon as posible."
  • Must have some Backup Plan - Because time is money and you're wasting time, you actualy waste money.  The serious buyer will accept any terms and start buying procedure in no time. These scam won’t. You’ll get so freaking many emails back and forth telling you it’s impossible to deal without a valid appraisal. The end result is you Waste Time = Waste Money.
  • Be the Man and Be Polite -  May sound like "No way I'm going to be polite with a scammer !" Dear friend they may be legitimate, after all, but more importantly, if they are scammers, calling them on it will only annoy and anger people who had no problem stealing from you in the first place. Do you really want those type of people pointing a target on your site? Call them pathetic thieves and you may have the last word but they have no scruples, and no problem to try hacking your site. DON'T WANT THAT HAPPEN!

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