Attention! is merging with

Yesterday I got this awesome email...
"I'm happy to announce that will be merging with PeerFly over the next week. All of the offers at will now be available on PeerFly under our new incentive "Peer" which means you will no longer need two accounts to work with all of our great offers.

To make the merger as streamlined as possible we are asking for all publishers who are already PeerFly publishers as well to simply make sure that their email matches up on both sites. 

If you are using a different email on than you are on PeerFly please update it to match.

You can update your email on your profile on at:

You can update your email on your profile on PeerFly at:

This only applies to publishers who have an account setup on both PeerFly and If you do not currently have a PeerFly account then you do not need to do anything. We will merge your account over and you will be able to login to PeerFly using your login information once the merger is complete.

If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to email me or reply to this email.

We're looking forward to building a huge Incentive Peer at PeerFly and providing you with the tools and service we are known for.

Let's make some money!


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