Best ShareCash Guide - Earn Money Sharing Files

Have you ever heard of ShareCash?

Get paid around $1 every time someone download your files. ShareCash have connections with the best exclusive advertisers around, which means they can make you more cash. One of the best pay per download!

They have 1000s of high-performing ads and surveys for all countries. Their system automatically chooses the best ads and surveys. Surveys are easier to complete, means more people will download your file and you make more cash.

Another great feature is to refer people to signup with ShareCash and receive a base commission of 5% with a maximum up of 12% of whatever they make for the rest of your life. Most intuitive and feature-rich PPD system around, with remote, direct, and FTP uploading, file mirrors, URL redirectors, drag-n-drop file manager and uploading, gateway widgets and more.

Provide you with various data points to analyze your promotional methods, including total Visitors, Ad Clicks, Downloads, Conversion Rate, and your Overall Earnings per Click, over multiple breakdown spectrums including country, file and referrer domains.

ShareCash is a company with numerous full-time staff that rarely do anything but run ShareCash, and are here to help you every step along of the way. Email them at with any questions or concerns.

How Does it Work?

When you upload a file to ShareCash, you're given a download link so visitors can access your file. When a visitor clicks the link, they are first asked to complete a quick, short survey from ShareCash's advertising partners. When the visitor completes a survey, you're paid around $1, and their download begins.

With only a $10 cashout minimum, you can get paid through PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Payquicker, Wire Transfer/ACH and Checks. Best of luck!

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